To ensure that the school’s vision is fulfilled, SAIL understands that educators are key to a child’s education and that the recruitment of highly qualified educators is one of the most important responsibilities of the leadership and governing board.
It is important in the recruitment of educators that they share in the vision of the school, are competent in their teaching practices, improve student learning, and improve themselves, professionally.
SAIL will utilize Georgia Department of Education Rules and Regulations pertaining to the recruitment and retention of educators, standards of the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, and best practices of charter schools throughout the United States.

Certified Teachers will receive:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Medical, dental, disability, and life insurance benefits
  • Participation in Georgia Teacher Retirement System

Teachers who are currently in the Georgia Certification Process will be assigned to a New Teacher Mentor Team. This team will meet at least weekly with the new teachers to provide support, guidance, and instruction in all areas of the school and classroom that directly affect student learning and effective teaching practices.