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Most Commonly Asked Questions about Enrollment:

  1. What grade levels are available at SAIL for next school year?  Kindergarten through 7th Grade
  2. When can I register my student for next year’s lottery? Anytime between February 2nd and February 28th. It is not a first come first serve setup. It does not matter when you register for the lottery. All lottery numbers will have equal opportunity for the draw.
  3. How do I register my student for the lottery?  On February 2nd after 7:00am, you can go to this website and click on Enrollment. The directions on that page will walk you through the process.
  4. How many slots are available for next school year in each grade? The slots vary from day to day. Presently, our enrollment is full for this year. Next year we will have just over 30 slots available in kindergarten. The other grade level slots will be determined at the end of this school year. The lottery will determine the waiting list for next year’s available spots.
  5. When and where will the lottery be held? The lottery will be held in the SAIL cafe at 8:30am on March 10, 2018. You do not need to be present for the lottery. We will post the results on the website by Monday, March 12th.
  6. How will I know if my child’s name has been selected? The lottery results will be posted. If your child has been pulled from the lottery list for enrollment, you will receive an email and a phone call. You will have 2 weeks to accept enrollment.
  7. Does SAIL provide transportation? No, we do not.
  8. Does SAIL serve students with IEP’s? Yes, we have a robust Special Education Program.
  9. Does SAIL have a Gifted program? Yes, we have gifted certified teachers in each grade level and advanced math course offerings.
  10. Is SAIL an accredited school? Are your teachers certified? We are in our first year of becoming accredited, as it takes three years for this process. Our teachers are certified in their fields, and we follow all state requirements for teacher certification.