Admissions Health Requirements

        When a parent/guardian registers their scholar into SAIL they are required to provide the following health information prior to the scholar’s first day of enrollment:

  • A current Georgia Certificate of Immunization  GA DPH form 3231 or Religious exemption GA DPH form 2208
  • A Georgia Certificate of Eye, Ear, Dental and Nutrition Exam GA DPH form 3300  
  • A completed S.A.I.L. Health Clinic Consent form

A 30-day waiver may be granted for new scholars from out-of-state to obtain this information. A “new entrant” is any child entering any school or childcare facility in Georgia for the first time or after having been absent for more than 12 months or one school year.  When a new entrant enrolls, the responsible official of any school or childcare facility may grant a 30-calendar-day waiver of the certification requirement for a justified reason. Upon expiration of the waiver, the child shall not be admitted to or be permitted to attend the school or childcare facility unless a certificate of immunization is provided. If the child withdraws and then returns, the parent is not allowed another 30 days to provide a certificate or affidavit.

Georgia law allows for two types of exemptions from the immunization requirements: medical and religious. Each child must have one of two items on file—either a valid Georgia Immunization Certificate (DPH form 3231) or a signed, notarized statement, which is called an affidavit of religious exemption ( DPH form 2208).

Immunization Requirements for GA


3300 FORM

Religious Exempt Form