The School Nurse and/or trained Unlicensed School Health Personnel may administer medications to scholars for circumstances that include:

  • Regular daily medications prescribed for children with acute or chronic health conditions
  • Emergency medications, such as those prescribed for allergic reactions, asthma, seizures and complications of diabetes
  • Medications prescribed on an “as needed” basis for pain or other mild symptoms (prescribed or over-the-counter)        

            Parental Consent is needed before we can administer medications that are not emergent.  A medication authorization form must be completed and updated every school year and when there are changes to the medication instructions or dosage.  This form must be on file within 10 days of administering medication in order for school personnel to continue to administer the medication with the exception of emergency medications.  Scholars are prohibited in carrying medications on their person with the exception of individuals approved to carry and self-administer emergency medications with a completed authorization to carry and self-administer form on file.



*Please review the medication authorization form for more detailed instructions.

Medication Authorization Form

Authorization to Carry Medication Form